import mods.ic2.CanningMachine;

List of effect ids

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  • 1: Hunger (Rotten Flesh) (80% chance)
  • 2: Poison (Spider Eye)
  • 3: Hunger (Raw Chicken) (30% chance)
  • 4: Golden Apple
  • 5: Notch Apple
  • 6: Corus Fruit

Register Items For Effect (int id, IItemstack... inputs)

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mods.ic2.CanningMachine.registerItemsForEffect(int id, IItemstack... inputs);    

mods.ic2.CanningMachine.registerItemsForEffect(4, <minecraft:fish>);
  • IItemStack... inputs The inputs getting the food can effect.
  • int id The effectID you want to apply to the specified items. Valid effect ids are as follows:

Delete Effect Id (int id, boolean deleteItems)

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mods.ic2.CanningMachine.deleteEffectId(int id, boolean deleteItems);

mods.ic2.CanningMachine.deleteEffectId(5, false);
  • int id The effectID you want to remove from filled can. Refer to above for valid effect ids.
  • boolean deleteItems Whether to remove items with that effect from filed cans too. Currently this boolean may not work.

Register Fuel Value (int fuelValue, IItemStack input)

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mods.ic2.CanningMachine.registerFuelValue(int fuelValue, IItemStack input);

mods.ic2.CanningMachine.registerFuelValue(10, <minecraft:diamond_block>);

mods.ic2.CanningMachine.registerFuelValue(1274, <ic2:itemmisc:102>); //Formerly had a value of 2548.
  • int fuelValue How much fuel the specified item is worth.
  • IItemStack input The item to register that fuel value for. It can even be items with existing values, in which case the previously specified value will be overwritten. Note: must be an itemstack, no oredicts allowed.

Register Fuel Multiplier (float fuelMultiplier, IItemStack input)

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mods.ic2.CanningMachine.registerFuelMultiplier(float fuelMultiplier, IItemStack input);

mods.ic2.CanningMachine.registerFuelMultiplier(0.5f, <minecraft:diamond>);
  • float fuelMultiplier What percentage the previously input value is increased by. for example 1 = 100%, 0.5 = 50%, 0 = 0%, ect.
  • IItemStack input The item to register that fuel multiplier for. It can even be items with existing multipliers, in which case the previously specified multiplier will be overwritten. Note: must be an itemstack, no oredicts allowed.

Delete Item Fuel (IItemStack input)

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mods.ic2.CanningMachine.deleteItemFuel(IItemStack input);

  • IItemStack input The item to be removed from being an input for the fuel can.

See here for info on how fuel cans work.

Add Canning Recipe (IItemStack output, IIngredient filler, IItemStack container)

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mods.ic2.CanningMachine.addCanningRecipe(IItemStack output, IIngredient filler, IItemStack container);  

mods.ic2.CanningMachine.addCanningRecipe(<minecraft:emerald>, <minecraft:diamond>, <minecraft:bucket>);
  • IItemStack output The product
  • IItemStack container The itemstack to be "filled"
  • IIngredient filler The ingredient with which is filled into the container