import mods.ic2.OreWasher;

  • IItemStack[] outputs
  • IIngredient input
  • @Optional int water Amount of water required for one round of processing of this recipe, measured in mB. Default to 1000 if not given.
mods.ic2.OreWasher.addRecipe(IItemStack[] outputs, IIngredient input, @Optional int water);

mods.ic2.OreWasher.addRecipe([<minecraft:diamond>, <minecraft:emerald>, <minecraft:nether_star>], <minecraft:dirt>);
  • If using Ic2 Experimental, to remove a recipe, simply remove the corresponding line in config/ic2/ore_washer.ini
  • If using Ic2 Classic and Ic2c Extras, to remove a recipe, simply disable the corresponding recipe in config/ic2/ic2machineRecipes.json.