Powered Thingies

Link to powered-thingies

Powered Thingies's non-farming machines CraftTweaker support.

Curseforge: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/powered-thingies

Github: https://github.com/faceofcat/Tesla-Powered-Thingies

Website: https://www.modcrafters.net

CT integration methods

Link to ct-integration-methods

All machines integrated with CT support these methods:

XYZ.clear() // will clear the entire recipe registry
XYZ.logKeys() // will output all keys in that registry to CT's log
XYZ.removeRecipe(key: String)) // will remove the recipe with that key from registry
XYZ.addRecipe(...) // adds a new recipe

To retrieve the Tweaker class for each machine you have to use the static mods.poweredthingies.Tweaker class.