Tree Tweaker is a CraftTweaker addon that allows you to add custom trees to world generation. The shape, height, leaves, logs, frequency, biome, and more can all be customized through zenscript. Trees can use modded blocks and be set to generate in modded biomes.

CraftTweaker Integration

Link to crafttweaker-integration

Tree Tweaker issues should be discussed at the Tree Tweaker issue tracker.

import mods.treetweaker.TreeFactory;

Script Requirements

Link to script-requirements

create a new tree called newtree, using the variablenewtree

var newtree = TreeFactory.createTree("newtree");


Link to newtreesettreetypetree_type

set which type of tree shape to generate as. Accepts OAK, SPRUCE, JUNGLE, BIRCH, ACACIA, and DARK_OAK. newtree.setTreeType("SPRUCE");


Link to newtreeregister

register tree to add to worldgen. Make sure to call this method last. newtree.register();

Optional Syntaxes

Link to optional-syntaxes


Link to newtreesetlogmodid

set what log to use


Link to newtreesetleafmodid

set what leaf to use


Link to newtreesetminheightint

set the minimum height of the tree. newtree.setMinHeight(5);


Link to newtreesetextraheightint

Extra height randomly added when tree generates treename.setExtraHeight(5);


Link to newtreesetgenfrequencyint

Used to control how often a tree generates, successfully spawning at a rate of 1 in N attempts newtree.setGenFrequency(5)


Link to newtreesetgenattemptsint

How many trees should try to spawn during a successful generation attempt. Can be used to make clusters of trees newtree.setGenAttempts(1)


Link to newtreeextrathickboolean

Makes tree trunk generate as 2x2 thick. Only valid on LARGE_OAK, PINE, CANOPY, and SPRUCE trees newtree.extraThick=true;


Link to newtreesetgenbiomestring

Set the biome of spawning, ignoring typical biome rules.
If not set, the tree will generate in all biomes that normally contain trees.


Link to newtreesetgenbiomebytagstring

Biome tag tree can generate in (HOT, SWAMP, SNOWY...), ignoring typical biome tree rules . Will not function unless spawnBiome is null. newtree.setGenBiomeByTag("HOT");


Link to newtreesetbaseblockmodid

What block the tree should generate on top of. If not set, will default to blocks valid for vanilla trees (grass, dirt, farmland) newtree.setBaseBlock("minecraft:dirt");


Link to newtreesetdimwhitelistint

Either single int or array of ints listing dimension IDs the tree may generate in. If null, may generate in any dimension newtree.setDimWhitelist(0);