This interface is extended by all Events that has a result that is used by the event. An event's result can be one of three values:

  • allow
  • deny
  • default

The meaning of these is dependent on context. Generally, denying an event prevents a specific event-related action from taking place (even if it wasn't guaranteed to take place). Likewise, allowing an event will force a behaviour to take place (even if it wasn't guaranteed). Default simply causes the event to continue with its normal logic. Not all events use every result.

Diese Klasse importieren

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It might be required to import the class to avoid errors.
import crafttweaker.event.IEventHasResult;

What can be done with them?

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  • event.result Getter, returns a string value of default, deny or allow
  • event.deny() Method, sets the event's result to deny
  • event.allow() Method, sets the event's result to allow
  • event.default() Method, sets the event's result to default