The LivingEntityUseItem event is fired whenever an entity starts using an item, stops doing so, after the player finishes using an item and each tick they use the item.
Since that would be called far too often, there are 4 subEvents that are only called in their specific case.

Diese Klasse importieren

It might be required to import the class to avoid errors.

//Base Event
import crafttweaker.event.EntityLivingUseItemEvent.All;

//Specific Events
import crafttweaker.event.EntityLivingUseItemEvent.Start;
import crafttweaker.event.EntityLivingUseItemEvent.Tick;
import crafttweaker.event.EntityLivingUseItemEvent.Stop;
import crafttweaker.event.EntityLivingUseItemEvent.Finish;

Erweiterte Event-Schnittellen

LivingEntityUseItem Events implement the following interfaces and are able to call all of their methods/getters/setters as well:


The following information can be retrieved/set during the event:

ZenGetter Rückgabetyp
player IPlayer
isPlayer bool
item IItemStack
duration int
ZenSetter Parameter Type
duration int