Explosion Crafting

Explosion Crafting is used to transform one item into another by exposing it to an explosion when it is an item on the ground. A configurable (random) loss rate can be specified. By default, this is used to convert Iron Ingots into Compressed Iron Ingots with a 20% loss rate.


You can call the Explosion Crafting package using mods.pneumaticcraft.explosioncrafting


This function removes the first recipe it finds with the given IIngredient output:

mods.pneumaticcraft.explosioncrafting.removeRecipe(IIngredient output);
// Example

This function removes all Explosion Crafting recipes:



These functions are used to add new Explosion Crafting recipes:

mods.pneumaticcraft.explosioncrafting.addRecipe(IItemStack input, IItemStack output, int loss_rate);
mods.pneumaticcraft.explosioncrafting.addRecipe(IOreDictEntry input, IItemStack output, int loss_rate);

// Example
// An expert-mode pack might make plain iron a very poor choice, and steel much better.
mods.pneumaticcraft.explosioncrafting.addRecipe(<ore:ingotIron>, <pneumaticcraft:ingot_iron_compressed>, 95);
mods.pneumaticcraft.explosioncrafting.addRecipe(<ore:ingotSteel>, <pneumaticcraft:ingot_iron_compressed>, 10);
// A way to make lots of Nether Brick, for (on average) 4x the cost of Netherrack
mods.pneumaticcraft.explosioncrafting.addRecipe(<ore:netherrack>, <minecraft:netherbrick>, 75);