Seeds are things you get from punching tall grass.

This command will print all registered seeds to the log.

Needs to be performed by a player or console, cannot be written in a zs-file.

/ct seeds

/mt seeds

Add a seed drop

Adds item as seed drop.
Weights are relative to grass seed, which has a weight of 10 (≙ 10%)!


item is a weightedItemStack. What does that mean? It simply means that you need to give it a percentage like this:

//adds carrots with a weight of 1
vanilla.seeds.addSeed(<minecraft:carrot> % 1);

Remove a seed drop

Stops item from being a seed drop.


item is an IIngredient.

Retrieve all registered Seeds

Returns all items as a weightedItemStack List.

val seedList = vanilla.seeds.seeds;

for item in seedList {
    print("Item: " ~ item.stack.displayName ~ " || Chance: " ~ item.percent ~ "%");