This page relates to Tinkers' Construct, which has built-in support!

Tinkers' Construct Entity Melting

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Entity Melting is a type of IRecipeManager and implements all the methods that are available to IRecipeManager's, such as removeRecipe() and removeAll().

Rezept hinzufügen

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The following script adds an Entity Melting Recipe that produces Molten Rose Gold (Fluid) when a Sheep (Entity) is melted in a Smeltery dealing 1 damage to the Sheep.

// <recipetype:tconstruct:entity_melting>.addRecipe(name as string, input as CTEntityIngredient, output as IFluidStack, damage as int)

<recipetype:tconstruct:entity_melting>.addRecipe("entity_melting_test", <entitytype:minecraft:sheep>, <fluid:tconstruct:molten_rose_gold>, 1);

The following script will do the following:

  1. Remove all Entity Melting Recipes that produce Molten Iron (Fluid) 2) Remove all Entity Melting Recipes that use a Villager (Entity) as the input.
// <recipetype:tconstruct:entity_melting>.removeRecipe(output as IFluidStack)
// <recipetype:tconstruct:entity_melting>.removeRecipe(entity as MCEntityType)