Mystical Agriculturehas built in mod support! You don't need any other mods for this to work!

Mystical Agriculture Infusion Crafting

Infusion Crafting is NOT a type of IRecipeManager and normal removal methods will not work for it.


Importing The Package

You may want to import the class so you don't need to use the full package name everywhere, to do this simply add the following to the top of your script:

import mods.mysticalagriculture.InfusionCrafting;

Now you can reference the class like so:

InfusionCrafting.addRecipe("test", <item:minecraft:stick> * 10, [<item:minecraft:diamond>, <tag:forge:ingots/iron>, <item:minecraft:stick>]);


Add Recipes

The following script will add a recipe that will output 10 Sticks when a Diamond, a Stick and any Item from the Iron Ingot Tag is infused.

// mods.mysticalagriculture.InfusionCrafting.addRecipe(id as string, output as IItemStack, inputs as IIngredient[]);

mods.mysticalagriculture.InfusionCrafting.addRecipe("test", <item:minecraft:stick> * 10, [<item:minecraft:diamond>, <tag:forge:ingots/iron>, <item:minecraft:stick>]);
Remove Recipes

The following script will remove the Infusion Crafting Recipe for Cow Seeds.

// mods.mysticalagriculture.InfusionCrafting.remove(output as IItemStack);