The IData interface is a generic Interface for handling Data like NBT. You can cast about all primitives (short, double, string, int, ...) as well as certain arrays to IData. Remember that while they offer similar features, IData and their counterparts are NOT the same, which is why they will be referred to as DataTypes (e.g. ByteData).

This class was added by a mod with mod-id crafttweaker. So you need to have this mod installed if you want to use this feature.

Importing the class

It might be required for you to import the package if you encounter any issues (like casting an Array), so better be safe than sorry and add the import at the very top of the file.




Gets a List representation of this IData, returns null on anything but ListData.

Return Type: stdlib.List<IData>

IData.asList() as stdlib.List<IData>
{Display: {lore: ["Hello", "World"]}}.asList();


Gets a Map<String, IData> representation of this IData, returns null on anything but MapData.

Return Type: IData[string]

IData.asMap() as IData[string]
{Display: {lore: ["Hello", "World"]}}.asMap();


Gets the String representation of this IData

Return Type: string

IData.asString() as string
{Display: {lore: ["Hello", "World"]}}.asString();


Checks if this IData contains another IData, mainly used in subclasses of ICollectionData, is the same as an equals check on other IData types

Return Type: boolean

IData.contains(data as IData) as boolean
{Display: {lore: ["Hello", "World"]}}.contains("Display");
dataIDatadata to check if it is contained


Makes a copy of this IData.

IData is immutable by default, use this to create a proper copy of the object.

Return Type: IData

IData.copy() as IData
{Display: {lore: ["Hello", "World"]}}.copy();


Gets the ID of the internal NBT tag.

Used to determine what NBT type is stored (in a list for example)

Return Type: byte

IData.getId() as byte
{Display: {lore: ["Hello", "World"]}}.getId();


Gets the String representation of the internal INBT tag

Return Type: string

IData.getString() as string
{Display: {lore: ["Hello", "World"]}}.getString();