This page relates to Astral Sorcery, which has built-in support!

Astral Sorcery Block Transmutation (Starlight Transmutation)

Link to astral-sorcery-block-transmutation-starlight-transmutation

Block Transmutation is a type of IRecipeManager and implements all the methods that are available to IRecipeManager's, such as removeRecipe() and removeAll().

The following script adds a Block Transmutation (Starlight Transmutation) recipe that, using 200 starlight, transforms Dirt into a Diamond Block.

exact is used to match the BlockState of the input, if set to false, it will just check the actual block itself.

When exact is true, it will check the BlockState properties, allowing to add recipes such as transforming a vertical Oak Log into a Diamond Block, but a Horizontal Oak Log into an Emerald Block.

The constellationKey is the name of the current WEAK Constellation that is required. You can get a list of Constellations by using /ct dump astralConstellations. The Contellation needs to be WEAK or better.

In the case of this recipe, it requires the astralsorcery:horologium constellation.

// <recipetype:astralsorcery:block_transmutation>.addRecipe(name as string, outState as MCBlockState, input as MCBlockState, exact as bool, starlight as double, @Optional constellationKey as MCResourceLocation)

<recipetype:astralsorcery:block_transmutation>.addRecipe("transmutation_test", <blockstate:minecraft:diamond_block>, <blockstate:minecraft:dirt>, true, 200, <resource:astralsorcery:horologium>);

The following script will remove all Block Transmutation (Starlight Transmutation) recipes that output a Lapis Lazuli Block. exact is used when matching BlockStates, when set to false (by default), it will just check the actual block itself, without checking any of the BlockState properties.

// <recipetype:astralsorcery:block_transmutation>.removeRecipe(outputState as MCBlockState, @Optional exact as bool)