Blast Chiller / Chiller


Add Recipe

The following script will add recipes that will:

  1. Output Glass by Freezing 250 mB of Resin, consuming 500 RF. 2) Output Glass by Freezing 250 mB of Resin with a Ball Cast, consuming 500 RF.
// <recipetype:thermal:chiller>.addRecipe(String name, IItemStack output, IIngredient ingredient, IFluidStack inputFluid, int energy);
<recipetype:thermal:chiller>.addRecipe("chiller_test", <item:minecraft:glass>, <item:minecraft:air>, <fluid:thermal:resin> *250, 500);
<recipetype:thermal:chiller>.addRecipe("chiller_test_with_cast", <item:minecraft:glass>, <item:thermal:chiller_ball_cast>, <fluid:thermal:resin> *250, 500);

Chiller Casts

Thermal Expansion has a Chiller cast that is used in recipes (like the second example) which doesn't get consumed, it is the following:


Remove Recipes

The following script will remove all Chiller recipes that output Ice.

// <recipetype:thermal:chiller>.removeRecipe(IItemStack... output);