Aquaculture 2has built in mod support! You don't need any other mods for this to work!

Fish Data

Requires Aquaculture 2 version 2.1.14 or newer.

Fish Data is what handles the amount of fish fillet's you get, when filleting a fish. Additional, it handles the min and max weight of fish. (If the config option is enabled)



Adding Fish Data

// mods.aquaculture.FishData.add(fishStack, minWeight, maxWeight, filletAmount);

mods.aquaculture.FishData.add(<item:aquuaculture:atlantic_cod>, 10.0, 211.0, 6);
  • fishStack MCItemDefinition
  • minWeight Double number (Only used if weight config is enabled)
  • maxWeight Double number (Only used if weight config is enabled)
  • filletAmount Integer number (Used when weight config is disabled)

Removing Fish Data

// mods.aquaculture.FishData.remove(fishStack);