This page relates to Yanny's Stone Age, which has built-in support!

import mods.stone_age.MillstoneManager;

  • String name Recipe name
  • IItemStack output
  • IItemStack secondOutput
  • IIngredient input
  • double secondChance Chance for second output 0.0 - 1.0 (0-100%)
  • int activateCount Activate millstone count
  • String group Recipe group


Link to сложение

<recipetype:stone_age:millstone>.addRecipe(String name, IItemStack output, IItemStack secondOutput, IIngredient input, double secondChance, int activateCount, @OptionalString String group)

<recipetype:stone_age:millstone>.addRecipe("sugar", <item:minecraft:sugar>, <item:minecraft:sugar>, <item:minecraft:sugar_cane>, 0.2, 2, "foods");
MillstoneManager.INSTANCE.addRecipe("sugar", <item:minecraft:sugar>, <item:minecraft:sugar>, <item:minecraft:sugar_cane>, 0.2, 2, "foods");