This page relates to Atum 2, which has built-in support!

The Kiln is a multiblock used for quickly processing building blocks, that can be acquired through smelting something in a furnace.

The Kiln recipes are based on the vanilla Furnaces recipes, sorting out everything besides building blocks. The blacklist is a way for you to further minimize what recipes are grabbed from the vanilla Furnace.


  • id A namespaced ID for the input block/item that should be blacklisted.

Removes the recipe(s) with the specified item/block from the recipes the Kiln will pull from the vanilla Furnace


<recipetype:atum:kiln>.addRecipe(input, output, experience, @Optional cookTime);

  • input IItemStack
  • output IItemStack
  • experience Float number
  • cookTime Integer number (If left empty, it'll default to 75)

Adds a recipe with the specified input, output, experience & cook time

<recipetype:atum:kiln>.addRecipe(<item:atum:dirty_bone_block>, <item:atum:alabaster>, 0.2);

Removing a Recipe

Link to removing-a-recipe

The removal methods only work for recipes added specifically for the Kiln by Atum (Or other mods) By default in Atum this will only be the Marl to White Ceramic Tile Block recipe. If you wish to remove something else, you're probably looking for the blacklist (Documentation above)

Remove Recipes by Output

Link to remove-recipes-by-output


Removes all recipes where the output result is the provided IItemStack.


Remove Recipes by Output & Input

Link to remove-recipes-by-output--input

<recipetype:atum:kiln>.removeRecipeByOutputInput(output, input);

Removes the specific recipe, with the specified output & input

<recipetype:atum:kiln>.removeRecipeByOutputInput(<item:atum:cermic_white>, <item:atum:marl>);

Other removal methods

Link to other-removal-methods

See Recipe Managers for other ways to remove Spinning Wheel recipes