Writing Your First Script

Link to writing-your-first-script

To get started writing your first script, you're going to want to navigate to the scripts folder.
If you're unsure where that is, take a look at the What Are Scripts page.

Now that we're in the scripts folder, lets make a new file called script.zs.

Open script.zs in your favourite text editor and put the following piece of code into the script:

println("Hello World!");

That code will simply print "Hello World!" to the crafttweaker.log file.

Now load up Minecraft, or use the /reload command and take a look at the crafttweaker.log file (If you're unsure of where this is, take a look at The CraftTweaker Log File page).

You can ignore all the entries with [DEBUG], what you're looking for is an entry that looks like:

[05:05:41.856][DONE][CLIENT][INFO] Hello World!

If you can find the entry, then that's great, your script file is being loaded into the game, and you are now ready to start modifying the game, adding new recipes and listening to events!

If you can't find the entry, that could mean a few things, either your script didn't load or it is possible that you forgot to hit save when you were done writing your script (don't worry! it happens to the best of us!).

To check if your script loaded, try and find a line that looks like:

[05:05:23.365][DONE][CLIENT][INFO] Loading file: script.zs

If you can't find it, it means that your script file didn't get loaded, try and make sure that it doesn't have a .txt file extension (as discussed in the What Are Scripts page).

Also take a look for any lines that look like:


This could mean that your script file loaded, but there was an error (such as a missing ; at the end of the line), so just double check the file and make sure that all of it looks good.

If you're still having trouble, then join the CraftTweaker Discord server and we can help you there!