CraftTweaker in a development environment

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About this category

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This category is oriented to Mod Developers who seek to add explicit CraftTweaker support to their mods. This might include configuring a recipe, changing some values, or enabling and disabling things that could otherwise be done through the creation.

Adding CraftTweaker to your environment:

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You should be adding crafttweaker through a maven repository in your repositories block :

    maven {
        url ""

General maven rules apply. The format to add it to your dependencies is the same. Use maven:fileDescriptor.

The naming of the file is CraftTweaker-MC_VERSION-MAJOR_VERSION-MINOR_VERSION, for versions lower than 1.17, and CraftTweaker-LOADER-MC_VERSION-MAJOR_VERSION-MINOR_VERSION for versions above 1.16 An example of this being applied is:

dependencies {
    def minecraftVersion= 'net.minecraftforge:forge:1.19.2-43.1.34'
    minecraft minecraftVersion

    def ctDep = 'com.blamejared.crafttweaker:CraftTweaker-forge-1.19.2:10.0.1'

    //AnnotationProcessor is here for generating docs. Check the "Generating Docs" page for more information
    annotationProcessor 'com.blamejared.crafttweaker:Crafttweaker_Annotation_Processors:'
    annotationProcessor minecraftVersion
    annotationProcessor ctDep

That's it! Don't forget to refresh gradle to be able to use CraftTweaker in your development environment!