Method List

Required: Type: Name: Implementation: Parameters: Additional Information:
Required Recipe: Shaped Recipe: .setShaped IIngredient[][] ingredients
Required Recipe: Shapeless Recipe: .setShapeless [IIngredient ingredients
Optional Recipe: Mirrored: .setMirrored Empty
Required Tool: Tool: .addTool IIngredient tool + Integer damage Call multiple times to add up to three tools needed for the craft
Required Output: Output: .addOutput IItemstack output, @Optional int weight Can be called multiple times to provide several weighted outputs
Optional Output: Extra Outputs: .setExtraOutput{One, Two, Three} IItemstack, float chance
Optional GameStage: Require GameStage(s) .requireGameStages String require, String[] stages require = “ALL” or “ANY”
Optional GameStage: Exclude GameStage(s) .excludeGameStages String[] stages
Required Creation: Create .create(); Empty
//Example from Old Wiki:
    .addTool(<ore:carpenters_hammer>, 3)
    .addOutput(<minecraft:planks> * 10, 10)
    .addOutput(<minecraft:planks:1> * 20, 10)
    .addOutput(<minecraft:planks:2> * 30, 20)
    .addOutput(<minecraft:planks:3> * 50, 30)
    .setExtraOutputOne(<minecraft:dye> * 5, 0.12)
    .setExtraOutputTwo(<minecraft:dye:1> * 5, 0.24)
    .setExtraOutputThree(<minecraft:dye:2> * 5, 0.36)
    .requireGameStages("ANY", ["one"])

Also see: To Scale Example