The ICTItemList is what an IBlockDropHandler uses as first parameter.
It is a list of items that will be dropped by the given Block.
Depending on other event handlers active it might already contain some items, or it might be empty.

Importing the class

If you ever find yourself in need of importing this class, this is how you do it:

import mods.contenttweaker.ItemList;

Adding items to the list

You can add IItemStacks or WeightedItemStacks to the list using the functions below:


list + <minecraft:carrot>;

list.add(<minecraft:seeds> % 10);

list + (<minecraft:seeds> % 10);

Removing items from the list

You can only remove items using the item’s index, or you can clear the whole list.



Getting items from the list

You can either get an item by its index or you can get the whole list as either an array or a list:

import crafttweaker.item.IItemStack;

val itemAt = list.get(0); //as IItemStack

val itemArray = list.getArray(); //as IItemStack[]

val itemList = list.getList(); //as [IItemStack]

Other information

You can also retreive this information from the list: