Type Data Type
Name Identifier String
Fluid Fluidstack
Minimum Size Integer
Maximum Size Integer
Replenish Rate Integer
Weight Integer


Weight is the Weighted Chance of a chunk containing that specific fluid reservoir. The weight is counted as in X in Total.

So if you have 5 Reservoir values at: 5, 5, 6, 8, 10

Then each respective entry will have a weighted chance of:

5  in 34
5  in 34
6  in 34
8  in 34
10 in 34

Code Example:

mods.immersivepetroleum.Reservoir.registerReservoir(String name, ILiquidStack fluid, int minSize, int maxSize, int replenishRate, int weight);
mods.immersivepetroleum.Reservoir.registerReservoir("WaterTest", <liquid:water>, 48000, 64000, 200, 5);