Blood Altar




This creates a blood altar recipe that uses the given input item and produces the given output item.
To get the minimumTier, substract 1 from what JEI/the sigil tells you, so a T1 altar would require 0.
The syphon value is the amount of Life Essence to syphon from the Blood Altar over the course of the craft.
The consumeRate is how quickly the Life Essence is syphoned.
The drainRate is how quickly progress is lost if the Blood Altar runs out of Life Essence during the craft.

//mods.bloodmagic.BloodAltar.addRecipe(IItemStack output, IItemStack input, int minimumTier, int syphon, int consumeRate, int drainRate);
mods.bloodmagic.BloodAltar.addRecipe(<minecraft:glass>, <minecraft:stick>, 0, 20,30,40);


//mods.bloodmagic.BloodAltar.removeRecipe(IItemStack input);