Loot Bags

This package allows you to add and remove items to/from the Loot Bags.

Importing the package

You can import the package and its methods to facilitate the retrival of the methods.

import mods.thaumcraft.LootBag;

Loot types

You need to provide an array of one or multiple numbers from 0 to 2 (inclusive) to the functions.
Those determine the type of lootbag to be affected.

Adding items

Notice: Gold coins have a value of 2000, diamonds are 50.

//mods.thaumcraft.LootBag.addLoot(WeightedItemStack stack, int[] bagTypes)
mods.thaumcraft.LootBag.addLoot(<minecraft:dirt>%20000, [0,1,2]);

Removing items

//mods.thaumcraft.LootBag.removeLoot(IItemStack stack, int[] bagTypes);
mods.thaumcraft.LootBag.removeLoot(<minecraft:gold_nugget>, [1,2]);