Chopping Board

The Chopping Board allows you to chop up an item into many pieces of another item.

By default only cuts bread into 6 bread slices.

Removing Chopping Recipes

Remove matching chopping recipes.

mods.cfm.ChoppingBoard.remove(@Optional final IIngredient output, @Optional final IIngredient input);

// Remove recipe with bread as the input item
// Remove recipes that result in 6 bread slices (same match as above recipe, so will have no effect if used after)

Adding Chopping Recipes

Add a chopping recipe.

Input requires stack size of 1.

mods.cfm.ChoppingBoard.addRecipe(@Nonnull final IItemStack output, @Nonnull final IItemStack input);

// Add a recipe to chop wheat into 2 sticks
// Add a recipe to chop bread into 3 wheat