A living Entity is one that has health and that can die.
Unlike IEntityLivingBase however, players don’t are IEnitiyLiving objects!

Importing the package

It might be required for you to import the package if you encounter any issues (like casting an Array), so better be safe than sorry and add the import.
import crafttweaker.entity.IEntityLiving;

Extending IEntityLivingBase

IEntityLiving extends IEntityLivingBase. That means all functions available to IEntityLivingBase objects also are available to IEntityLiving objects.



ZenGetter ZenSetter Type
attackInterval int
attackTarget attackTarget IEntityLivingBase
canBeSteered bool
canPickUpLoot canPickUpLoot bool
canSpawnHere bool
getLeashedToEntity IEntity
isAIDisabled isAIDisabled bool
isAIDisabled isAIDisabled bool
isColliding bool
isLeashed bool
isLeftHanded isLeftHanded bool
isNoDespawnRequired bool
maxSpawnedInChunk int
moveForward float
moveStrafing float
moveVertival float
renderSizeModifier float


Play living sound

Requires no parameters.
Returns nothing.


Spawn explosion particles

Requires no parameters.
Returns nothing.


Set the drop chance for an Equipment Slot

Requires an IEntityEquipmentSlot object and a float.
Returns nothing.

ebtLiv.setDropChance(IEntityEquipmentSlot slot, float chance);

Enable Persistence

Requires no parameters.
Returns nothing.



First method requires an IEntity object, a boolean and returns nothing. Second method requires two booleans and returns nothing.
Third method requires an IPlayer object and returns a bool.

ebtLiv.setLeashedToEntity(IEntity enttiy, boolean sendAttachNotification);
ebtLiv.clearLeashed(boolean sendPacket, boolean dropLead);
ebtLiv.canBeLeashedTo(IPlayer player);