The World Info interface is used to get even more information out of an IWorld object.

Importing the package

It might be required for you to import the package if you encounter any issues, so better be safe than sorry and add the import.
import crafttweaker.world.IWorldInfo;

ZenMethods without parameters and ZenGetters

ZenGetter ZenMethod Return Type
commandsAllowed isCommandsAllowed() bool
borderCenterX getBorderCenterX() double
borderCenterZ getBorderCenterZ() double
borderDamagePerBlock getBorderDamagePerBlock() double
borderSafeZone getBorderSafeZone() double
borderSize getBorderSize() double
borderWarningDistance getBorderWarningDistance() int
borderWarningTime getBorderWarningTime() int
cleanWeatherTime getCleanWeatherTime() double
difficulty getDifficulty() string
generatorOptions getGeneratorOptions() string
lastTimePlayed getLastTimePlayed() long
rainTime getRainTime() int
saveVersion getSaveVersion() int
seed getSeed() long
spawnX getSpawnX() int
spawnY getSpawnY() int
spawnZ getSpawnZ() int
thunderTime getThunderTime() int
versionId getVersionId() int
versionName getVersionName() string
worldName getWorldName() string
worldTotalTime getWorldTotalTime() long
boderLerpTarget getBoderLerpTarget() double
boderLerpTime getBoderLerpTime() long
difficultyLocked isDifficultyLocked() bool
hardcoreModeEnabled isHardcoreModeEnabled() bool
initialized isInitialized() bool
mapFeaturesEnabled isMapFeaturesEnabled() bool
thundering isThundering() bool
versionSnapshot isVersionSnapshot() bool