Setting up GitHub

In order to start, you need a free Account for Github.
Follow the registration steps if you have none already.

Locating the repository

The wiki repository can be found at

Forking the wiki

In order for you to do any changes, you need to copy the whole CrT-Wiki Repository to your Github Account.
This action is called forking.
You can fork the repository by clicking on the “fork” button in the wiki’s GH page: Inputs Order

In case you are in a Github organization you might need to specify where you want to fork the repository to.

Locating your fork

You can now find a new repository called “CraftTweaker-Documentation” when checking your profile page/repositories.
Alternatively, you can go to

How to continue

Now that you have successfully forked the Crafttweaker-Documentation repository to your own GitHub account, you can use the online Editor or clone to your computer and edit locally.