You can add and remove Lightwell Liquefications


You can call the WellRecipe package using mods.astralsorcery.Lightwell.


This function removes the first recipe it finds that returns the provided ILiquidStack output using the provided IItemStack input. If there are multiple recipes that return the provided output, you need to call this method multiple times!

You can set the output to null to only search via the input stack

//mods.astralsorcery.Lightwell.removeLiquefaction(IItemStack input, ILiquidStack output);
mods.astralsorcery.Lightwell.removeLiquefaction(<astralsorcery:itemcraftingcomponent:0>, null);


//mods.astralsorcery.Lightwell.addLiquefaction(IItemStack input, ILiquidStack output, float productionMultiplier, float shatterMultiplier, int colorhex);
mods.astralsorcery.Lightwell.addLiquefaction(<minecraft:dirt>, <liquid:water>, 1, 0.2, 0);
Parameter Parameter Type Description
input IItemStack The input item
output ILiquidStack The returned Liquid. Only the type of the fluid counts, the amount will (like the default lightwell) depend on stuff like day/night and so on…
outputMultiplier float Multiplier that is applied together with the collected starlight to calculate the output fluid amount. Usually 0.3 - 1.2 (aka: don’t write like 200 here, if you want to stay reasonable :P)
shatterMultiplier float The higher this multiplier, the lower the chance per-tick that the catalyst item will shatter.
colorHEX int The colorcode used for the particles around the hovering item.