Custom Skills


Credits goes out to Kindlich for writing most of the Custom Content implementation!

Custom Skills:

Implementation Syntax:

mods.compatskills.SkillCreator.createSkill(String name, String backGroundLocation)
mods.compatskills.SkillCreator.createNewSkill(String nameLocation, String backGroundLocation)

"createSkill" auto-assigns the CompatSkills ModID to the Name Resource Location.
So for example:
mods.compatskills.SkillCreator.createSkill("banana", "textures/blocks/stonebrick.png");

Would internally return:
"compatskills:banana" as the resource location name for the skill.

The second one has no assigned ModID meaning you can insert your own.
mods.compatskills.SkillCreator.createNewSkill("pokemon:throwing", "textures/blocks/stonebrick.png")


Reference Property Name Implementation
CrTSkill name See Below
// Creates the skill as a variable
var banana = mods.compatskills.SkillCreator.createSkill("banana", "textures/blocks/stonebrick.png");

// Hard-Sets the name to "Banana"
// Be aware this makes localization through .lang files not possible! = "Banana"


Method Type Method Name Values
Setter setLevelCap Takes an Integer
Getter getLevelCap Returns an Integer
Setter setEnabled Takes an Boolean
Getter getEnabled Returns an Boolean
Setter setSkillPointInterval Takes an Integer
Setter setBaseLevelCost Takes an Integer
Getter getBaseLevelCost Returns an Integer
Getter getName Returns the localized String Name
Setter setLevelStaggering Takes a String[], See Config for Example
Getter getLevelStaggering Returns a String[]
Setter setHidden Takes a Boolean
Getter isHidden Returns a Boolean

Localization & Resource Location References:

Skill Icons:

- mods.compatskills.SkillCreator.createSkill(String name, String backGroundLocation);
    - compatskills:textures/skills/skillname.png

- mods.compatskills.SkillCreator.createNewSkill(String nameLocation, String backGroundLocation);
    - customResourceLocation:/textures/skills/skillname.png

Localizations are placed in:
- compatskills:lang/localeCode.lang


- customResourceLocation:lang/localeCode.lang

Go to this link to see all possible Locale-Codes! Gamepedia’s Minecraft Language Page