The ChickenRepresentation is a template of what your Chicken will do.
By default, it will only exist and lay the egg you gave it as initial parameter.
You can change this behavior to allow for better chickens by modifying the given properties.

Importing the class

Want to import the class? Here you go:

import mods.contenttweaker.Chicken;

Registering the chicken

After you have set your chickenRepresentation to be what you want it to be, the most important part is to register it.
Be careful though, as any changes done to this template after the the registering will still take effect, so you should create a new chickenRepresentation for each chicken you want to have.


You can change or get the current value of the properties either by = newValue or by using the methods object.setName(newValue);


chickenRep.layItem = <minecraft:iron_ingot>;
name type
name string
layItem IItemStack
dropItem IItemStack
backgroundColor CTColor
foregroundColor CTColor
textureLocation CTResourceLocation
spawnType string
layCoefficient float
parentOne CTResourceLocation
parentTwo CTResourceLocation