The XUTweaker package adds several static utility methods.

Importing the package

If you want to shorten method calls or encounter any issues you might need to import the package.
You can do so using

import extrautilities2.Tweaker.XUTweaker;


Allow survival flight

Allows Flight for all players, permanently.


Disable Nether Portals

Prevents Nether portals (and all portals that use the PortalSpawnEvent) from spawning, permanently.


Check if a player is a fake Player

Returns a boolean stating if the player is a fake Player.

Requires an IPlayer argument.


Open a books screen for the player

Tries to open the written book screen to the given player.

Returns a boolean stating if the command was executed correctly.
Requires an IPlayer argument.
Also requires a string[] argument that will be the pages.

extrautilities2.Tweaker.XUTweaker.openBookScreen(player, pages);
extrautilities2.Tweaker.XUTweaker.openBookScreen(player, ["Page 1", "Page 2"]);