Calling the package

The mods.gregtech.material package contains all classes you will need to deal with materials.

Material Object

An object of mods.gregtech.material.Material represents a material in GregTech, with some useful members you can deal with.


Name Type Description
color int Color of material in RGB format
chemicalFormula String Chemical formula of this material
iconSet MaterialIconSet Icon set for this material meta-items generation
components ImmutableList List of this material component
generationFlagsRaw long Generation flags of this material (See MatFlags)
element Element Element of this material consist of


Name Type Description
radioactive bool True if this material is radioactive
protons long
neutrons long
mass long
density long
camelCaseString String
unlocalizedName String
localizedName String Client-side only
name String Name in the Material registry


Name (Parameters) Description
addFlags(String… flagNames) Add generation flags
hasFlag(String flagName) Has a generation flag

MaterialStack can be created by material * number, same as Amount of Ingredient or FluidStack.


FluidMaterial is a material which contains fluid features. Its superclass is Material so all members in Material is still available.


Name Type Description
fluidTemperature int


Name Type Description
hasFluid bool
hasPlasma bool
isGaseous bool
fluid ILiquidDefinition material fluid
plasma ILiquidDefinition material plasma fluid


DustMaterial is a material which contains dust features. Its superclass is FluidMaterial so all members in FluidMaterial is still available.


Name Type Description
oreMultiplier int Crushed ore output amount multiplier during maceration
byProductMultiplier int Byproducts output amount multiplier during pulverization
smeltingMultiplier int Smelting item amount multiplier during vanilla item smelting
directSmelting SolidMaterial Material to which smelting of this material ore will result
washedIn FluidMaterial Material in which this material’s ore should be washed to give additional output
separatedInto DustMaterial During electromagnetic separation, this material ore will be separated onto this material and material specified by this field
burnTime int Burn time of this material when used as fuel in furnace smelting, Zero or negative value indicates that this material cannot be used as fuel


Name Type Description
oreByProducts List List of ore by products
harvestLevel int Tool level needed to harvest block of this material


SolidMaterial is a material which contains solid features. Its superclass is DustMaterial so all members in DustMaterial is still available.


Name Type Description
handleMaterial SolidMaterial Material specified here will be required as handle to make tool from this material
macerateInto DustMaterial Macerating any item of this material will result material specified in this field, default to itself


Name Type Description
toolSpeed float Speed of tools made from this material, default 1.0f
toolDurability int Durability of tools made from this material, 0 for materials that can’t be used for tools
toolEnchantments List Enchantment to be applied to tools made from this material


IngotMaterial is a mterial which contains ingot features. Its superclass is SolidMaterial so all members in SolidMaterial is still available.

Ingot materials can be used as wire, cable and fluid pipe. Those properties can be set by setCableProperties(long voltage, int baseAmperage, int lossPerBlock) and setFluidPipeProperties(int throughput, int maxTemperature, boolean gasProof).

For example:

var ingotMaterial = MaterialRegistry.createIngotMaterial(2052, "test", 0x1a2f3e, "ingot", 1);
ingotMaterial.setCableProperties(128, 4, 1); // 128EU/t 4A 1 loss/block

Enchantment data

gregtech.mods.EnchantmentData can be found in SolidMaterial#toolEnchantments, they are an internal storage of a enchantment with levels.

They can be casted into crafttweaker.enchantments.IEnchantmentDefinition by calling enchantment getter, and level is available with level getter.

To add a enchantment for tools in SolidMaterial, simply calling addToolEnchantment(IEnchantment enchantment), to add a CraftTweaker enchantment data type.

Example for a Fortune I material:

var material = MaterialRegistry.get("iron"); // Modify iron material
material.addToolEnchantment(<enchantment:minecraft:fortune> * 1); // Create a enchantment object and add it

Material generation flags

These flags are applicable to materials.

Name (case-insensitive) Description
DECOMPOSITION_BY_ELECTROLYZING Enables electrolyzer decomposition recipe generation
DECOMPOSITION_BY_CENTRIFUGING Enables centrifuge decomposition recipe generation
BURNING Add to material if it has constantly burning aura
FLAMMABLE Add to material if it is some kind of flammable
EXPLOSIVE Add to material if it is some kind of explosive
NO_UNIFICATION Add to material to disable it’s unification fully
NO_RECYCLING Add to material if any of it’s items cannot be recycled to get scrub
DISABLE_DECOMPOSITION Disables decomposition recipe generation for this material and all materials that has it as component
DECOMPOSITION_REQUIRES_HYDROGEN Decomposition recipe requires hydrogen as additional input. Amount is equal to input amount
GENERATE_PLATE Generate a plate for this material, If it’s dust material, dust compressor recipe into plate will be generated, If it’s metal material, bending machine recipes will be generated, If block is found, cutting machine recipe will be also generated
NO_WORKING Add to material if it cannot be worked by any other means, than smashing or smelting. This is used for coated Materials.
NO_SMASHING Add to material if it cannot be used for regular Metal working techniques since it is not possible to bend it.
NO_SMELTING Add to material if it’s impossible to smelt it
INDUCTION_SMELTING_LOW_OUTPUT Add to material if it is outputting less in an Induction Smelter.
SMELT_INTO_FLUID Add to material if it melts into fluid (and it will also generate fluid for this material)
CRYSTALLISABLE If this material is crystallisable
GENERATE_FLUID_BLOCK Whenever system should generate fluid block for this fluid material
GENERATE_PLASMA Add this flag to enable plasma generation for this material
STATE_GAS Marks material state as gas
MORTAR_GRINDABLE If this Material is grindable with a simple Mortar

Material icon set

Icon sets are available in mods.gregtech.material.MaterialIconSet.

Getters are name.

Methods are toString(), and static method getByName(String name).

Material Registry

Material registry is a helper to get, list and create materials in the unification system.

You may import the class mods.gregtech.material.MaterialRegistry.


#loader gregtech
import mods.gregtech.material.MaterialRegistry;

// Note that return type can be null if nothing was found
var material = MaterialRegistry.get(materialName);

// List all materials registered
var materialList = MaterialRegistry.getAllMaterials();

// Set toolDurability to 0 if ingot cannot be used as tool
// Note that an @Optional parameter can be left out, and it's replaced by default 0.
// Means Gem and Ingot material cannot be used as tool by default.
MaterialRegistry.createFluidMaterial(int metaItemSubId, String name, int color, String iconSet, @Optional MaterialStack[] materialComponents);

MaterialRegistry.createDustMaterial(int metaItemSubId, String name, int color, String iconSet, int harvestLevel, @Optional MaterialStack[] materialComponents);

MaterialRegistry.createGemMaterial(int metaItemSubId, String name, int color, String iconSet, int harvestLevel, @Optional MaterialStack[] materialComponents, @Optional float toolSpeed, @Optional int toolDurability);

MaterialRegistry.createIngotMaterial(int metaItemSubId, String name, int color, String iconSet, int harvestLevel, @Optional MaterialStack[] materialComponents, @Optional float toolSpeed, @Optional int toolDurability, @Optional int blastFurnaceTemperature);


#loader gregtech
import mods.gregtech.material.MaterialRegistry;

val dustMaterial = MaterialRegistry.createDustMaterial(700, "test", 0xFFAA33, "dull", 2);
dustMaterial.addFlags(["GENERATE_ORE", "GENERATE_PLATE"]);