Metallurgic Infuser

Infusion Type String

Both addition and removal of recipes require an “infusion type” string. Default examples from Mekanism are:

Infuse Type Added by
“CARBON” Mekanism
“TIN” Mekanism
“DIAMOND” Mekanism
“REDSTONE” Mekanism
“FUNGI” Mekanism
“BIO” Mekanism
“OBSIDIAN” Mekanism

If any other mod registers a new infusion type, that type can be used in CraftTweaker as well as long as the registered type’s name is specified exactly. NOTE: It is not possible to define new infusion types with CraftTweaker


mods.mekanism.infuser.addRecipe(String infusionType, int infusionConsumed, IItemStack inputStack, IItemStack outputStack)

mods.mekanism.infuser.addRecipe("OBSIDIAN", 20, <minecraft:coal_block>, <minecraft:obsidian>);
mods.mekanism.infuser.addRecipe("DIAMOND", 80, <minecraft:glowstone>, <minecraft:nether_star>);


mods.mekanism.infuser.removeRecipe(IIngredient outputStack, @Optional IIngredient inputStack, @Optional String infusionType)

mods.mekanism.infuser.removeRecipe(<mekanism:enrichedalloy>, <minecraft:iron_ingot>, "REDSTONE");

Specifying an input parameter will only remove the specific recipe that uses said input. Omitting the input parameter will remove all recipes that produce the specified output.