ModTweaker allows you to add or remove forestry Moistener Recipes


You can call the package using mods.forestry.Moistener

Recipe Removal

//mods.forestry.Moistener.removeRecipe(IIngredient output);


//mods.forestry.Moistener.addRecipe(IItemStack output, IItemStack input, int packagingTime); 
mods.forestry.Moistener.addRecipe(<minecraft:mycelium>, <minecraft:grass>, 60); 

Fuel Removal

//mods.forestry.Moistener.removeFuel(IIngredient moistenerItem);

Fuel Addition

//mods.forestry.Moistener.addFuel(IItemStack item, IItemStack product, int moistenerValue, int stage);
mods.forestry.Moistener.addFuel(<minecraft:gold_ingot>, <minecraft:iron_ingot>, 20, 2);
Parameter Type Description
item IItemStack Item to become a valid fuel for the Moistener
product IItemStack Item that will leave the moistener’s working slot (e.g. mouldy wheat or mulch).
MoistenerValue int How much this item contributes to the final product of the moistener.
stage int What stage this product represents. Resources with lower stage value will be consumed first.