You can run a command and edit recipes from ingame using a GUI.

Background story Some people don't fancy text editors. Even using templates highlighting their syntax can't satisfy them. They want a GUI (Graphical User Interface). For this matter, Jared, humble servant of Lord Ellpeck of House penguin, rightful heir to the Milkshake Throne, King of the Seven Kingdoms of Germany, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Mother of penguins, the modder of the great frozen plains, the unbroken and breaker of mods, has descended upon us from Maven, the great Library of Forbidden Wisdom and Blasphemy to share his great knowledge with mankind, after being urged by BBoldt, traveller of realms, slayer of the great Unknown, writer of Necrochodu. Unfortunately, we were not yet able to decipher the seemingly random jabbering that came from him, so he decided to instead go for a more simplistic means of help, by giving people who posess the power to manipulate the very laws of the universe (also called `OPs` or `Admins`) to access a magical window from inside the game they liked to play and change the fundaments of this false reality from within.

Calling the command

You call the command using


These ids are currently implemented:

ID Added by Notes
craftingtable CraftTweaker
furnace CraftTweaker