The EntityLivingSpawn Event is fired whenever an entity tries to join or leave a world.
It has one subclass, the EntityLivingExtendedSpawnEvent that also contains an IMobSpawnerBaseLogic reference.

Event Class

You will need to cast the event in the function header as this class:
You can, of course, also import the class before and use that name then.

Event interface extensions

EntityLivingSpawn Events implement the following interfaces and are able to call all of their methods/getters/setters as well:


The following information can be retrieved from the event:

ZenGetter Type
world IWorld
x float
y float
z float
spawner (Extended Only) IMobSpawnerBaseLogic

Event functions

The despawn event also offers three functions to change the event outcome:

ZenMethod Description
allow Forces the entity to (de)spawn
deny Forces the entity not to (de)spawn
pass Sets the event result to the default state