Item Stages

This mod is an addon for the GameStages API. Item Stages allows access for items and blocks to be placed into a custom progression system set by the modpack creator. If a player does not have the required stage, the player will have trouble using the item. To learn more about how it does this, check out the mod page here

Restricting access to an item

//mods.ItemStages.addItemStage(stage, IIngredient);
mods.ItemStages.addItemStage("one", <minecraft:stone>);

//Hides an item with partial NBT. For example this hides all LV 5 enchantment books.
//Note: Partial NBT will not hide items in JEI. Those need to be done separately. (JEI limitation)
mods.ItemStages.addItemStage("one", <minecraft:enchanted_book>.withTag({StoredEnchantments: [{lvl: 5 as short}]}));

//Restricts access to all dyes in the ore dictionary.
mods.ItemStages.addItemStage("one", <ore:dye>);

Changing the name of item while hidden

//mods.ItemStages.setUnfamiliarName(newName, IIngredient);
mods.ItemStages.setUnfamiliarName("Clump of Fur", <minecraft:wool:*>);

Staging a liquid

//mods.ItemStages.stageLiquid(stage, ILiquidStack);
mods.ItemStages.stageLiquid("one", <liquid:water>);

Staging a tooltip

//Note: Lines that start with the striction are hidden. 
//mods.ItemStages.stageTooltip(stage, restriction);
mods.ItemStages.stageTooltip("one", "When");