CraftTweaker comes with support for JustEnoughItems (JEI). You can add or hide items or fluids in JEI or add a Descriptions page for them.


You can either just remove the item from JEI or remove it and all of it’s crafting table recipes.

//hide(IItemStack item);

//hide(ILiquidStack item);

//removeAndHide(IIngredient output, @optional boolean NBT-Match)
mods.jei.JEI.removeAndHide(<ore:planks>, false);

Hide Categories

You can use this to hide entire JEI Categories (e.g. crafting recipes, furnace recipes, machine X recipes, …).
It accepts the category as string, you can get all registered categories by running /ct jeiCategories ingame.


Add Item

You can also add an IItemStack to JEI to add Items that weren’t added or to add an item with NBT-Tag to JEI

mods.jei.JEI.addItem(<minecraft:stone>.withTag({display:{Name: "Pickle",Lore:["What once was stone", "Is stone no more"]}}));

Add Description

A JEI Description is an extra page shown when looking up an ingredient’s recipe/usages in JEI which contains information on that ingredient.
You can add a JEI Description to an IItemStack, an IItemStack[], an ILiquidStack or an IOreDictEntry.

If your strings are too long to be written to one line (or page) it will automatically create line/page breaks.
Each string parameter will have at least one line and wrap around the end of the window if too long.

//addDescription(IItemStack item, string... desc);

//addDescription(IItemStack[] item, string... desc);
mods.jei.JEI.addDescription([<minecraft:music_disc>, <minecraft:music_disc>],["Never","Gonna","Give","You","Up","Never","Gonna","Let","You","Down"]);

//addDescription(IOreDictEntry dict, string... desc);
mods.jei.JEI.addDescription(<ore:ingotIron>, "You can use these to create things", "", "things like Armor","","","Yes...","That as well...");

//addDescription(ILiquidStack stack, string... desc);
mods.jei.JEI.addDescription(<liquid:lava>, ["LAVA"]);

The desc parameter is a varArg, which means you can either give one string[] containing all description strings or many single strings, whatever you prefer. Just don’t mix them!