ModTweaker allows you to add or remove forestry Fermenter Recipes


You can call the package using mods.forestry.Fermenter

Recipe Removal

//mods.forestry.Fermenter.removeRecipe(IIngredient input);

Recipe Addition

//mods.forestry.Fermenter.addRecipe(ILiquidStack fluidOutput, IItemStack resource, ILiquidStack fluidInput, int fermentationValue, float fluidOutputModifier);
mods.forestry.Fermenter.addRecipe(<liquid:lava>, <minecraft:obsidian>, <liquid:water>, 1000, 0.5);

Amount of fluid output: fermentationValue * fluidOutputModifier

Parameter Type description
fluidOutput ILiquidStack The Recipe’s output
resource IItemStack The Recipe’s item input
fluidInput ILiquidStack The Recipe’s liquid input
fermentationValue int Amount of inputFluid on organic item requires
fluidOutputModifier int Output multiplier

Fuel Removal

//mods.forestry.Fermenter.removeFuel(IIngredient fermenterItem);

Fuel Addition

//mods.forestry.Fermenter.addFuel(IItemStack item, int fermentPerCycle, int burnDuration);
mods.forestry.Fermenter.addFuel(<minecraft:leaves:1>, 100, 5);
Parameter Type Description
item IItemStack Item to become a valid fuel for the fermenter
fermentPerCycle int How much is fermented per work cycle, i.e. how much fluid of the input is consumed.
burnDuration int Amount of work cycles a single item of this fuel lasts before expiring.