Liquid Fuels

Liquid Fuels are used in PneumaticCraft: Repressurized in the (Advanced) Liquid Compressor to create compressed air, and (optionally) in the Kerosene Lamp to produce light. By default the liquids produced in the Refinery are defined as fuel, as well as any liquid above a temperature of 305 degrees Kelvin.


You can call the Liquid Fuels package using mods.pneumaticcraft.liquidfuel.


This function deregisters the ILiquidStack fluid as a fuel:

mods.pneumaticcraft.liquidfuel.removeFuel(ILiquidStack fluid);
// Example

This function deregisters all registered fuels:



The following functions can be used to add fluids to the fuel registry:

// Register a certain liquid as a fuel. mlPerBucket defines the amount of compressed air produced per bucket of fuel. For reference, 16000mL of air is produced from a piece of Coal in an Air Compressor.
mods.pneumaticcraft.liquidfuel.addFuel(ILiquidStack fluid, double mlPerBucket);

// Example: register water as a fuel which produces 16000mL air per bucket.
mods.pneumaticcraft.liquidfuel.addFuel(<liquid:water>, 16000);