An Ageable Entity is one that grows over time, like a cow.

Importing the package

It might be required for you to import the package if you encounter any issues (like casting an Array), so better be safe than sorry and add the import.
import crafttweaker.entity.IEntityAgeable;

Extending IEntityCreature

IEntityAgeable extends IEntityCreature. That means all functions available to IEntities also are available to IEntityAgeable.



ZenGetter ZenSetter Type
growingAge growingAge int
scaleForAge bool


add age

Methods expect an int and the second method an optional bool.
Both methods return nothing.
Normally, the second method does the same as the first with false as forced argument, that may differ for mod implementations, though.

entAgObj.ageUp(int seconds, @Optional boolean forced);
entAgObj.addGrowth(int seconds);