The World Provider interface is used to get even more information out of an IWorld object.

Importing the package

It might be required for you to import the package if you encounter any issues, so better be safe than sorry and add the import.
import crafttweaker.world.IWorldProvider;

Create a worldProvider

Normally, you can just get the worldProvider from an IWorld object or some functions, though if yo need to create one yourself, here’s how you do it:
Note that this method should only be called inside functions that are meant to be run inside minecraft, not during the loading circle.

crafttweaker.world.IWorldProvider.getFromID(int id);

ZenMethods without parameters and ZenGetters

ZenGetter ZenMethod Return Type
actualHeight getActualHeight() int
actualGroundLevel getAverageGroundLevel() int
cloudHeight getCloudHeight() float
currentMoonPhaseFactor getCurrentMoonPhaseFactor() float
dimensionID getDimensionID() int
height getHeight() int
horizon getHorizon() double
lightBrightnesTable getLightBrightnesTable() float[]
movementFactor getMovementFactor() double
randomizedSpawnPoint getRandomizedSpawnPoint() IBlockPos
saveFolder getSaveFolder() String
seed getSeed() long
spawnCoordinate getSpawnCoordinate() IBlockPos
spawnPoint getSpawnPoint() IBlockPos
voidFogYFactor getVoidFogYFactor() double
worldTime getWorldTime() long
canRespawnHere canRespawnHere() bool
waterVaporize doesWaterVaporize() bool
skylight hasSkyLight() bool
daytime isDaytime() bool
nether isNether() bool
skyColored isSkyColored() bool
surfaceWorld isSurfaceWorld() bool

ZenMethods with parameters

get Biome at a certain Position

Use either an IBlockPos object.
Returns an IBiome Object.

worldProvObj.getBiome(IBlockPos position);

get MoonPhase for a specific time

Use a long.
Returns an int.

worldProvObj.getMoonPhase(long time);

get Respawn Dimension for a specific player

Use an IPlayer object.
Returns a new IWorldProvider object.

worldProvObj.getRespawnDimension(IPlayer player);

get Brightnes (factor) at a specific

Use a float.
Returns a float.

worldProvObj.getStarBrightness(float something);
worldProvObj.getSunBrightness(float something);
worldProvObj.getSunBrightnessFactor(float something);

Check if a block has a high humidity

Use an IBlockPos object.
Returns a boolean.

worldProvObj.isBlockHighHumidity(IBlockPos pos);