Chemical Washer

As of Mekanism 9.7.0 it is now possible to view all recipe strings of the Chemical Washer through the command /ct mekrecipes washer


mods.mekanism.chemical.washer.addRecipe(IGasStack inputGas, IGasStack outputGas);

mods.mekanism.chemical.washer.addRecipe(<gas:deuterium>, <gas:tritium>);


mods.mekanism.chemical.washer.removeRecipe(IIngredient outputGas, @Optional IIngredient inputGas);

mods.mekanism.chemical.washer.removeRecipe(<gas:cleanLead>, <gas:lead>);

Specifying an input parameter will only remove the specific recipe that uses said input. Lässt man den Input-Parameter weg, werden alle Rezepte für das jeweilige Item gelöscht.

Removing all recipes

As of Mekanism 9.7.0 it is now possible to remove all Chemical Washer recipes. (Das betrifft nicht die Rezepte, welche mittels CraftTweaker hinzugefügt wurden)