Custom Element Creation for Alchemistry


This needs to be loaded with #loader alchemistry

  • int atomicNumber ID for new Element
  • String Name New Elements Name
  • String Abbrebiation New Elements Abbrebiation
  • int red Element red shade, RGB
  • int green Element green shade, RGB
  • int blue Element blue shade, RGB
mods.alchemistry.Util.createElement(int atomicNumber, String name, String abbreviation, int red, int green, int blue);

mods.alchemistry.Util.createElement(150,"vibranium","Vrb", 70, 90, 250);
  • Please use lowercase names
  • Pre-existing atomic numbers cannot be overwritten
  • The '#loader alchemistry' line is required at the top of the file. This file can only be used to create elements and compounds, other recipes must be put in other files.
  • NOTE: As of v1.0.2, The mod Resource Loader must be used to include the image and model json for custom elements. If you would like to auto-generate these resources I have created a command-line JAR program here to do so.