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This part of the GameStages support will focus on the later form. Aka "Dummy Traits" for unlocking GameStages.

Resource Information:

Link to resource-information

When creating a new dummy trait you'll notice a few things are missing:

  • Unlocalized Name
  • Unlocalized Description
  • No Icon is present

This is due to these things requiring Resources. At the current stage CompatSkills does not provide the ability to provide these natively. There are a few ways around this:

  • Use BASE which comes with its own resource loader (Only works if ContentTweaker is present due to how BASE works).
  • Use ResourceLoader by Lumien.

Localization is pretty straight forward.


en_us.lang = English Translation

However the texture path for the trait icon is as follows:


So if the name is "banana", The Path would be as follows:

Blank Example:
mods.compatskills.GameStageUnlockable.addGameStageUnlockable(String gamestage, String name, int x, int y, String skillName, int cost, @Optional String... defaultRequirements);

Working Example(s):
mods.compatskills.GameStageUnlockable.addGameStageUnlockable("a", "a", 0, 0, "reskillable:gathering", 3, "stage|test");
mods.compatskills.GameStageUnlockable.addGameStageUnlockable("b", "b", 0, 1, "reskillable:gathering", 3, "adv|minecraft:husbandry/plant_seed");
mods.compatskills.GameStageUnlockable.addGameStageUnlockable("c", "c", 0, 2, "reskillable:gathering", 3, "trait|compatskills:b");