Usar IItemDefinitions para ahorrar tiempo cuando nos referimos a items con metadata.

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Let's say we want to remove the recipes of some specific colors of wool.
White wool has the metadata 0, all colors range from meta 1 to meta 15, so there are 16 in total.

Sólo queremos eliminar las lanas con metadata que está entre 3 y 12. What do we do?
We can't just remove all of them (in other words, use <minecraft:wool:*>), but we also don't want to write 10 times the same thing.
While in this example this would totally work, in large scale this becomes pretty annoying!

Lo que sabemos y debemos saber

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  • recipes.remove require un Objeto IIngredient
  • Un <a href="/Vanilla/Items/IItemStack/">IItemStack</a> puede ser usado como <a href="/Vanilla/Variable_Types/IIngredient/">IIngredient</a> ya que <a href="/Vanilla/Items/IItemStack/">IItemStack</a> extiende <a href="/Vanilla/Variable_Types/IIngredient/">IIngredient</a>
  • Podemos usar <a href="/Vanilla/Items/IItemDefinition/">IItemDefinitions</a> para crear <a href="/Vanilla/Items/IItemStack/">IItemStacks</a>

We use IItemDefinitions and an Integer Range and iterate through latter.
If we can't use an int range we can also use a number array, but that would require you to type in all required numbers.
You can also use this to Except some items from being used.

val itemDef = <minecraft:wool>.definition;

//hace esto de <minecraft:wool:3> a<minecraft:wool:12>
for i in 3 to 13{

val arrayNum = [3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12] as int[];

//<minecraft:wool:3> a <minecraft:wool:12>
for i in arrayNum{
    itemDef.makeStack(i).addTooltip("No crafteable");

//<minecraft:wool:3> a <minecraft:wool:12>, pero sin 5 y 9
for i in 3 .. 13{
    if(i != 5 & i != 9){