Create does not have built in mod support, you will need CreateTweakerfor this to work!

Create Sequenced Assembly

The Sequenced Assembly mechanic is a type of IRecipeManager and implements all the methods that are available to IRecipeManager's, such as removeRecipe() and removeAll().


Add Recipe

Sequenced Assembly recipes can only be added using a builder like pattern due to their complexity. The following script will add a recipe that will, when an Arrow is Cut with a Saw, transition the Arrow to Glass. That Glass now needs to be processed in a Press. After being processed in a Press, it needs to be deployed with Dirt.

This process needs to be repeated 2 times.

When the whole process is complete, the recipe will create a Diamond and an Apple.

    .addOutput(<item:minecraft:diamond>, 1)
    .addOutput(<item:minecraft:apple>, 1)
    .addStep(<recipetype:create:cutting>.factory(), (rb) => rb.duration(50))
    .addStep(<recipetype:create:pressing>.factory(), (rb) => rb.duration(500))
    .addStep(<recipetype:create:deploying>.factory(), (rb) => rb.require(<item:minecraft:dirt>)));

Remove Recipe

Sequenced Assembly recipes can be removed via their name.

// <recipetype:create:sequenced_assembly>.removeByName(String name);