Einführung in Skripte

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CraftTweaker uses a custom scripting Language called ZenScript, ZenScript is read from .zs files that are stored in the <gamedir>/scripts folder, if you aren't sure where this folder is, just run /ct scripts when in the game and the folder will open.

ZenScript ist eine "top down"-Skriptsprache, was bedeutet, dass ganz oben im Skript die Imports stehen müssen, danach werden die Variablen deklariert. Variablen können zwar auch weiter unten im Skript stehen, allerdings kann man von den übergeordneten Zeilen aus dann auch nicht auf diese Variable zugreifen.

Script files have the .zs suffix, make sure that it isn't .zs.txt!

What are scripts

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Scripts are stored in <gamedir>/scripts and are loaded when the player joins a world, much like previous versions of CraftTweaker (excluding 1.12), Scripts CAN be reloaded, just run /reload.

When joining a server, the server sends their scripts to the client, and the client runs those scripts. This does mean that a client without any scripts, can join a server and get the changes (useful if you need to disable an item on the server but don't want to force clients to download extra files!)

Dein allererstes Skript

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To get started with Scripts, you can create a very basic file, called hello.zs in the <gamedir>/scripts> folder; If you aren't sure where the folder is, just run /ct scripts and it should open!

In diese Datei packst du die folgende Zeile:

println("Hello world!");

Now load up Minecraft and and take a look at the <gamedir>/logs/crafttweaker.log file (or run /ct log to have the file open in your default text editor).

The crafttweaker.log file is located in <gamedir>/logs and can be read by any program that can read plaintext files.

It is recommended to use VSCode, Sublime Text or Notepad++ to edit script files, however any program will do.

When choosing a program to use to edit scripts, take a look at what Syntax highlighters are available, most common text editors have ZenScript highlighting support through the use of a plugin.

Die crafttweaker.log-Datei

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Die crafttweaker.log verwendet eine bestimmte Syntax, welche ungefähr so aussieht:

[HH:MM:SS.ms][TYPE] <message>

Im Falle des vorherigen Beispiels, wird dort folgendes stehen:

[14:58:06.697][INFO] Hello world!

Mit Kommentaren kannst du deine Skripte besser lesbarer und verständlicher machen!

ZenScript unterstütz drei verschiedene Arten von Kommentaren:

Einzeilig: // Ich bin ein einzeiliger Kommentar!

Alternativ einzeilig: # Ich bin auch ein einzeiliger Kommentar!


/* Ich bin
ein mehrzeiliger
Kommentar! */

Just note, that # comments are also used for PreProcessors, so while they are still valid comments, they could cause unwanted side effects.

Now you know the absolute basics of how to create scripts. Now, what you do is up to you! Feel free to browse the Docs for any pages that interest you.

However, if you're getting started, we recommend checking out the Tutorial tab, more specifically the Crafting Table Tutorial as well as the Recipe Managers page for information on how to add and remove different kinds of recipes.