Global ZenCode Keywords

Link to global-zencode-keywords

This file contains a list of Global keywords you can use in CraftTweaker. These are used in order to do some menial tasks.

Global Functions

Link to global-functions

  • print(argument as string) Prints a string to the crafttweaker.log file
  • println(argument as string) Prints a string, on a new line, to the crafttweaker.log file.

Global Getters get a value for you. They are mostly used for adding recipes.

The CraftTweakerTagRegistry

Link to the-crafttweakertagregistry

The CraftTweakerTagRegistry is a class with a single method, used to do dynamic string manipulations with tags.

Since the following isn't doable with tags:

var colour = "white" + "_";

This exists to amend that, so you can do:

var colour = "white" + "_";
  • brewing gets you the Brewing manager from which you can use the methods inside of the class