Use Loops to make your script look better

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We all have seen it: Scripts with more than 500 lines where it says 500 times recipes.remove(item1);recipes.remove(item2),...
Not only is this a pain to write, but it is possible that you spend hours debugging a little typo when the only exception you get is error in recipes.zs: null

My rule of thumb: When writing the exactly same command more than 10 times, with only 1 Parameter changing, I'll use a loop.

So, instead of always typing out the functions, I declare one array containing all items and iterate through that one.

import crafttweaker.item.IIngredient;

val Array = [
] as IIngredient[];

for item in Array{
  • Your script becomes (in my opinion) easier to read
  • You know exactly where your script screws up
  • Last minute changes are really easy as all you need to do is adding or removing the item from the array.
  • Only works when there's only a few parameters changing
  • You could screw up your script without knowing it, by say, casting the array wrong
  • One error in the array makes the whole array fail and nothing will be done at all.
  • You might receive cryptic error messages because of the array being created the wrong way.